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Anatomy is a technological know-how which, to a lot of its scholars, is couched in phrases that are obscure, being drawn from different languages, cultures and eras. Many have chanced on a step forward in comprehension of the topic via a fuller figuring out of its terminology because the phrases used are purely easy descriptions of anatomical constructions yet in an unusual language. it's the objective of this booklet to supply all who learn anatomy with an easy reference consultant to such phrases so that their comprehension of the topic could be more advantageous. this isn't easily a dictionary of anatomical phrases, even though there's a vital alphabetical thesaurus. quite, a number of phrases were passed over from this thesaurus and grouped jointly through universal issues right into a sequence of fairly brief sections on the entrance of the booklet. during this approach, cross-referencing inside those topics is made a lot more uncomplicated due to the fact all comparable entries are in a single position. The checklist of contents is a really precious indicator and advisor to the site of notice. quite a few anatomical constructions also undergo the identify of somebody with whom they've got develop into linked. even though using eponyms is now discouraged, their use isn't extinct and so a listing is equipped on the finish

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42 Glossary Adamantine Adenohypophysis Adipose Aditus Adnexa Adminiculum Adrenal Adventitia Aequator Affixus Agger Agonist Ala 43 The enamel of teeth. (From adamas (L): diamond / a (Gk) not, without -I- damao (Gk): I tame. ) The anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. ) Aden (in the singular) refers to glandular tissue; hypophysis, to the pituitary gland which appears to 'grow under' the brain. Fat. ) The word adiposus is not a Roman word but rather an invention from the end of the first millenium.

The Anatomical Position Midaxillary Line Midclavicular Line Mid-line Coronal Plane Horizontal Plane Intertubercular Plane Lateral Vertical Plane Louis' Plane A fully erect posture with feet side by side but slightly apart and arms a little abducted with the palms turned forward. All lines, planes and regions are described from this reference position. The line, in the coronal plane, passing through the middle of the axilla The line, parallel to the mid-line, passing through the middle of the clavicle The line, in the median sagittal plane, dividing the body into two halves A plane parallel to the coronal suture of the cranium A plane, parallel to the ground The horizontal plane passing, at the level of the iliac crests, through the body of L5 The sagittal plane passing through the point midway between the anterior superior iliac spine and the mid-line The horizontal plane passing through the angle of Louis (sternal angle) and the disc between T4 and T5 34 Some anatomical lines, planes and points Median Vertical Plane Median Sagittal Plane Sagittal Plane Spinous Plane Sterno-xiphoid Plane Subcostal Plane Supra-sternal Plane Thoracic Plane Transpyloric Plane Transtubercular Plane Transverse Plane Umbilical Plane 35 The median sagittal plane The mid-line plane dividing the body in two, running parallel with the sagittal suture of the cranium.

This term was first used by Galen. B Basilar Used to refer to something situated at the base of another structure. ) 50 An anatomical wordbook Basilic Vein Basis Basisphenoid Bicuspid Bifid Bigemina Bile Biliary Biventer Bladder Blood Bone Brachium Brain Branchial The basilic vein was so named by Avicenna at the end of the first millenium. It was a vein much used in blood-letting, particularly to cure a malady of the baser parts of the body which excluded the head. ) A base. ) The posterior part of the body of the sphenoid bone only distinguishable in the growing child.

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