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Because these areas lack rainfall, farmers have used irrigation, bringing water to the land. Ancestors of Native Americans, such as the Zuni and Hopi, dug irrigation ditches to make the deserts bloom. Footnotes to History To the Capital by Air or Sea Juneau, Alaska, is the only state capital in the United States that cannot be reached by automobile. There are no roads leading into or out of the city to connect it with other Alaskan cities. 28 UNIT 1 America’s Beginnings: Prehistory–1700 Natural Resources of the United States 120° W 110° W 100° W 90° W 80° W 70° W 50° N Wash.

Va. Va. C. C. in P A la Tenn. I. Conn. J. Del. Md. ATLANTIC OCEAN Ga. La. in lf Pla Fla. Gulf of Mexico Hawaii Intermountain Rocky Mountains Interior Plains 0 60° N 170° W Pa. an Ind. Ohio d River W. Mo. Ark. r ie MO UN TAI NS Kans. L. E Mass. Y. HI AN Colo. Mich. wl er ro n R uri Riv L. Ontario Hu PACIFIC OCEAN do Nebr. lains DA Calif. H. Maine Vt. L. Wis. o Miss Utah 70° W Superior l ra nt Nev. S. Dak. Ce Wyo. L. N. Dak. Minn. at P Gre AINS UNT MO SIERRA NEVA Idaho 80° W Riv er Y CK RO 40° N Mont.

A map drawn by Italian cartographer, or mapmaker, Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli guided Christopher Columbus across the Atlantic in the late 1400s. Maps drawn by 12 UNIT 1 America’s Beginnings: Prehistory–1700 Columbus and other daring sea captains guided explorers who came to America later. Today people use maps to locate places, plot routes, and judge distances. Maps can also display useful information about the world’s people. ★ Globes Photographs from space show the earth in its true form—a great ball spinning around the sun.

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