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By David E. Shi, George Brown Tindall

A booklet scholars love, in a extra concise format.
America has bought greater than 1.8 million copies over the last 8 variations simply because it’s a ebook that scholars take pleasure in analyzing. powerful storytelling, colourful anecdotes, and biographical sketches make the narrative soaking up and the cloth extra memorable. The short 9th variation is 20% shorter, and contains refreshed and up to date insurance of African American background, and has been streamlined from 37 to 34 chapters.

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Many were simply seeking a piece of land, higher wages, and greater economic opportunity. ” Yet such enticements were not sufficient to attract enough workers to keep up with the rapidly expanding colonial economies, so the Europeans forced Indians to work for them. But there were never enough laborers to meet the unceasing demand. Moreover, captive Indians often escaped or were so rebellious that their use as slaves was banned in several colonies. ” Beginning early in the seventeenth century, colonists turned to Africa for their labor needs.

Militant Protestants pursued Luther’s rebellious doctrine to its logical end by preaching religious liberty for all. CHALLENGES TO THE S PA N I S H E M P I R E The success of Catholic Spain in conquering and exploiting much of the Western Hemisphere spurred Portugal, France, England, and the Netherlands to develop their own imperial claims. The French were the first to pose a serious threat. Spanish treasure ships sailing home from New Spain offered tempting targets for French privateers. In 1524 the French king sent the Italian Giovanni da Verrazano west across the Atlantic in search of a passage to Asia.

They were concerned about French traders infiltrating from Louisiana, English settlers crossing into Florida, and Russian seal hunters wandering down the California coast. The first Spanish outpost in what is today the United States emerged in response to French encroachments on Spanish claims. In the 1560s, spirited French Protestants (called Huguenots) established France’s first American colonies on the coast of what became South Carolina and Florida. In 1565 a Spanish outpost on the Florida coast, St.

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