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By Alexander Alekhine

This consultant beneficial properties Alekhine's annotations of his personal video games. It examines video games that span his occupation from his early encounters with Lasker, Tarrasch and Rubenstein, via his international identify battles, to his conferences with the hot iteration of avid gamers within the Nineteen Fifties. Algebraic notations are integrated.

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Gxh6 3 9 l:e6 ! fxe6 (the alternatives are 39 . . l:5d6 40 'it'xf6 l:xe6 4 1 l:xe6 and 39 . . l:8d6 40 'fixh6+ leading to mate in two) 40 'fixf6+ 'itg8 4 1 l:xe6 l:5d6 42 'fig6+ 'ith8 (or 42 ... 'itf8 43 'fif5+ 'it any 44 l:e7) 43 'fixh6+ 'itg8 44 'fig6+ 'ith8 45 'fih5+! 'itg8 46 l:e7 ! and mate is unavoidable. S uch a finale would have given the game a good chance of a brilliancy prize. l:dl 38 fxeS 39 l:e3 ••• Black should certainly try 39 . �g4+ 40 hxg4 fxe6, when the continuation given by Alekhine no longer works, because thanks to the open h-file Black can pin the queen with .

D5 or 3 . . b6 would be prefer­ able. xd2+ This exchange assists White's development. In the Queen's Gam­ bit, Black's dark-squared bishop is far too valuable a defensive piece to be exchanged in the opening with loss of time. t'xd2 6 lbc3 d5 7 e3 lbbd7 c6 8 U3 9 0-0 Allowing Black to free himself by an ingenious manoeuvre. White could have frustrated this plan by 9 l:td l ! and Black's position would have remained very cramped. 9 ... xc4 e5! lbxe5 ! , and Black equalises with ease. b3! By this move, which prevents B lack from gaining time later on with .

Lbd5 2 ... 3 d4 In a game S limisch-Alekhine from the same tournament, White continued by 3 lbc3 e6 ! xf6 and Black had a slightly superior game. 3 ... g5 After this move, whose object is to hinder the advance of the hostile e-pawn, White loses his advantage, because of the difficulties he will ex­ perience in defending his own e­ pawn. The most dangerous line of p l ay for Black is undoubtedly 4 c4 followed by 5 f4. f5! bS Black is not concerned about the possibility of doubled pawns. xc6+, the possession of his two bishops, the open b-file and his better 52 Budapest 1921 development would constitute ex­ cellent compensation for the slight weakness on c6.

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