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By John Bezzant

This helpful, well-illustrated publication provides a gently crafted, step by step programme which teaches the whole beginner air pistol shooter the best way to reach a excessive point of marksmanship. the learning starts off with a close attention of security tactics, uncomplicated pistol craft, variety building and the categories of air pistol which are to be had (spring-powered, pneumatic and CO2) and the way they paintings. the writer then Read more...

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When carrying out action target shooting where movement from one target to the next is required, if the target is visible the weapon should be pointing at the target and when it is not visible the weapon should be pointing at the ground. Therefore, if you do slip and fall and an accidental discharge occurs, the projectile will strike on or around the target, or it will strike the floor. 13. Safety shooting glasses should be worn at all times. 14. Always store your weapons in a safe place, inside some kind of lockable container, and store the ammunition separately and again in a locked container.

The optimum, if it is available, is 8ft wide by 30ft long, so almost any back garden, town or country, can provide an area with sufficient dimensions to create an effective and safe air pistol range if a small amount of money is spent and a little bit of time is given to the construction. You may well have seen some shooters using nothing more than a pellet trap measuring roughly 10in (25cm) square, this being a metal box that holds a paper target so that any pellet entering the target is caught in the box.

7. . and left side (thumb on slide release). 8. It is the thumb that reaches forward to operate the slide release. 9. Insert the magazine, ensuring that it is the right way round. 10. This magazine has been correctly housed. 11. To close the slide, safely clasp the barrel between your finger and thumb. Then press securely on the back strap with the other hand, which will cause the slide to close. The pistol is now in battery – ready to fire – so you should go into the ready position or place the pistol in the holster.

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