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The improvement and alertness of cycloaddition technique is still on the leading edge of analysis in man made natural chemistry. This quantity starts off with a overview of tools to be had for the synthesis of 7-membered earrings and is with paintings on metal-catalyzed cycloadditions. there's then an replace at the cycloaddition chemistry of 2-pyrone, after which a special software of photocycloaddition is special. the ultimate bankruptcy is a dialogue of the newest explorations of the response of rhodium-stabilized vinyl carbenoids with dienes.

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Tobinaga, S. Chem. Pharm. Bull 1993, 41,923. ; Tobinaga, S. Chem. Pharm. BulL 1996, 44, 646. For the revised structure and second total synthesis of dictamnol, see Piet, D. ; Orru, R. V. ; Jenniskens, L. H. ; Van Beek, T. ; Franssen, M. C. ; Wijnberg, J. B. P. ; Chem. Pharm. Bull. 1996, 44, 1400. Lange, G. ; Chimanikire, M. Tetrahedron Lett. 1997, 38, 6371. This Page Intentionally Left Blank RECENT ADVANCES IN DIELS-ALDER CYCLOADDITIONS OF 2-PYRONES Benjamin T. Woodard and Gary H. Posner I~ II.

9 This methodology has since been applied to constructing [b]-annelated carbazoles, 7 and benz[f]indole, 8band the tetracyclic skeleton of the benzophenanthridine alkaloids. 1~Arynes used in this type of reaction include 3,4-didehydropyridine in the synthesis of ellipticine 8 and isoellipticine 9,11 3,4-(methylenedioxy)benzyne, 1~ and 2,3naphthalyne, l~ A recent report states that benzopyrones, such as coumarin 10, do not undergo the corresponding [4+2] cycloaddition reaction, presumably because the fused aromatic ring must lose aromaticity in the R III ~~0 0 R = o O/~R 7 R -C02 R Die~s-Aider Cycloadditions of 2-Pyrones ~~o ~ 10 ~~ .

62), although a longer reaction time is required in this case to offset the less favorable entropy. Cycloaddition of 52 in the presence of 10 mol% RhCI(PPh3) 3 and 10 mol% AgOTf in toluene at 100 ~ provides a 77% yield of 53 in 5 days. Again a single diastereomer, tentatively assigned with trans stereochemistry, is formed, reconfirming the high diastereoselectivity of this process. 36 PAUL A. WENDER and JENNIFER A. LOVE E ~ E 52 Ce 10 mol % RhCI(PPh3)3 10 mol% AgOTf PhCH3, 100*C = 77*/. H E E (62) H 53 Intramolecular [5+2] Cycloadditions of Allene-Vinylcyclopropanes Unlike reactions with alkenes and alkynes, relatively few examples of intramolecular transition metal-catalyzed reactions of allenes have been reported so far.

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