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By Maria de Naglowska

The 1st English translation of Maria de Naglowska’s treatise on complicated sexual magic practices, Le mystère de l. a. pendaison.

• info Naglowska’s complex occult teachings at the 3rd time period of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative strength of intercourse

• Explains the magical erotic putting rituals of los angeles confrérie de los angeles Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow], the infamous occult order of Thirties Paris

• keeps the sexual initiatory teachings first expounded in Naglowska’s The mild of Sex

Available for the 1st time in English, complicated intercourse Magic illuminates the progressive occult teachings of Maria de Naglowska--Russian mystic, esoteric excessive priestess, and self-styled “Satanic Woman” of Thirties Paris. Her non secular method, referred to as the 3rd time period of the Trinity, thought of the Holy Spirit (or healthy Spirit) to be female and taught the significance of intercourse for the regeneration of the realm and the uplifting of humanity.

A supplement to her The mild of Sex, this booklet at the putting secret initiation information her complex teachings at the 3rd time period of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative strength of intercourse and divulges the erotic ritual striking and different sensory deprivation practices of her magical crew, los angeles confrérie de los angeles Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow]. those complex mystical sexual practices have been required for initiation into the brotherhood, and, as Naglowska exhibits, purely in the course of the union of the masculine and the female will we lead to a reconciliation of the sunshine and darkish forces in nature.

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The hunt chief selected the hunting ground and dispersed the men around its edges, forming a large circle. Slowly the circumference of the circle tightened and the deer became exhausted. Finally the deer were wrestled to the ground and choked. 50 The deer was immediately skinned and disemboweled. First its heart was cut out and its blood was fed to the animal fetishes the hunters carried in their pouches. Next the stomach was removed and opened. If a doe, its vulva was placed in the stomach and sprinkled with corn pollen; if a buck, the penis and testicles were similarly treated.

The earth could open up and swallow persons who tell lies. “Many are the wonders which have lately happened,” declared the anonymous author of A miracle, of miracles, as of sodaine and strange death upon perjured persons, strange sights in the Ayre, strange births on the Earth, Earthquakes, Commets, and fierie Impressions, with the execution of God himselfe from his holy fire in heaven, on the wretched man and his wife, at Holnhurst…. A single ballad spoke of blazing stars, monstrous births, a rainstorm of blood, lightning, rainbows, and the sound of great guns.

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