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Adolph Rupp: Kentucky's Basketball Baron is the approved boigraphy of the nation's winningest basketball trainer. Written by means of longtime buddy and affiliate Russell Rice, the e-book strains Rupp's own existence and a profession that spanned forty two years on the college of Kentucky.

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He averaged nineteen points a game, and Halstead won the Mid-Kansas League championship. Adolph was one of sixteen seniors in the 1919 class at Halstead High School. The basketball players elected the team captain, and Rupp let it be known that he wanted the job. He told Claude Thornhill that a vote for him meant Thornhill would start the opening game. Once Rupp became captain, he unofficially ran the team because the coach knew so little about the game; Thornhill started the first five games. "He's been a politician all his life," Thornhill said in a 1974 letter to the author.

Once Rupp banned two players from practice for a week for parking with girls in a cemetery. "Love affairs have wrecked many a good ballclub," he told a civic group. " Rupp admitted years later that he was shy and secretly afraid of women. He had been a timid youngster who put on a bold front to scare people off, giving them the impression that he was brash, and as a coach, he became suspicious, jealous, and resentful of women who associated with his basketball players. When Kentucky player Wallace Jones married Edna Ball, "Coach Rupp objected because he didn't feel like he had complete charge of his program," Jones said.

He had Page 2 no hobbies; he couldn't sit and watch television; he couldn't even take a vacation. Rupp's objectives were always clear. He became so submerged in molding his basketball teams that he often seemed aloof. But he was a perfectionist in everything he did, whether coaching a team, making a speech, or operating a farm. At the turn of the century, Halstead was a small frontier town along the Santa Fe Railroad in central Kansas, a few miles north of the urban sprawl of Wichita and a dozen miles east of Newton, the Harvey County seat.

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