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By Garrick Mallery (auth.), D. Jean Umiker-Sebeok, Thomas A. Sebeok (eds.)

1. THE SEMIOTIC personality OF ABORIGINAL signal LANGUAGES In our tradition, language, specifically in its spoken manifestation, is the a lot vaunted hallmark of humanity, the diagnostic trait of guy that has made attainable the production of a civilization unknown to the other terrestrial organism. via our inheritance of a /aculte du langage, tradition is in a feeling bred inta guy. And but, language is considered as a strength wh ich can smash us via its strength for objectification and type. based on well known mythology, the naming of the animals of Eden, whereas giving Adam and Eve a undeniable energy over nature, additionally destroyed the prelinguistic concord among them and the remainder of the wildlife and contributed to their eventual expulsion from paradise. Later, the post-Babel improvement of numerous language households remoted guy from guy as weIl as from nature (Steiner 1975). Language, in different phrases, because the valuable strength animating human tradition, is either our salvation and damnation. Our consistent conflict with phrases (Shands 1971) is waged on either inner and exterior battlegrounds. This culturally decided ambivalence towards language is especially appar­ ent after we stumble upon people or hominoid animals who, for one cause or one other, needs to rely on gestural kinds of communication.

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Indian language consists of aseries of words that are but slightly differentiated parts of speech following each other in the order suggested in the mind of the speaker without absolute laws of arrangement, as its senten ces are not completely integrated. The sentence necessitates parts of speech, and parts of speech are possible only when a language has reached that stage where sentellces are logically cOllstructed. The words ofan Indian tongue being synthetic 01' undifferentiated parts of speech, are in this respect strictly analogous to the gesture elements which enter into a sign-Ianguage.

5. May be signified by making the sign for a squaw, if the one in fear be a man or boy. ) 6. Cross the arms ovar the breast, fists closed, bow the head over the crossed arms, but turn it a littIe to the left. ) Woman has foul' signs j one expressing the mammre, one indicnting shortness as compared with man, and the two most common severally indicating the longer hair 01' more flowing dress. The hair is sometimes indicated by a motion with the right hand as though drawing a comb through the entire length of the hair on that side of the head (McChesneY)j and sometimes by turning the right hand about the ear, as if putting the hair behind it.

Dr. McChesney, however, conjectures this sign to be that of wonder or sm'prise at hearing of a death, but not a distinct sign for the latter. 4. Throw the forefinger from the perpendicular into a horizontal position toward the earth witb the back downward. ) 5. he index-finger of the right hand point out ward toward the distant horizon. ) 6. Palm of hand upward, then a wave-like motion toward the ground. ) 7. he same direction. ) The last anthority notes that there is an apparent connection between this conception and execution and tbe etymology of the corresponding terms in Ojibwa: "he dies," is nibo," "he sleep8," is niba.

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