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By Susanna Lee

It is a literary and philosophical learn that hyperlinks the belief of secularism to the shape of the radical. It deals a groundbreaking serious origin either for figuring out the movement towards a mundane tradition and for analyzing the function of the person in smooth moral, political, and non secular contexts.

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For though it seems that there exists no absolute word, no superstructure to this world, there is a slender formal element that in some sense decides, or seems to decide, the course of the entire narrative: a subtle Providence, as it were, in the form of the oracle: ‘‘He found the church dark and deserted . . All alone in the church, he took a seat in the finest pew. It bore M. de Reˆnal’s coat of arms. On the lectern, Julien noted a scrap of printed paper, set out there as if for him to read.

Behold the master of the land! So perfectly the artist did portray / His statue’s each and every trait, / That everyone who saw it claimed with no delay: / Jove lacked only power to orate. Of this artist it was even said: / On finishing his imitation, / He was first to quake in dread / And terror of his own creation. To match this sculptor’s flaw / The poet of antiquity was excellent, / In his great fear, respect, and awe / Of those very gods he did invent. He was a child in this. / Children always fuss and fret.

26 At best, the narrator indicates, the mind can generate possible narratives, none of which are complete and none of which come close to encompassing the world in its disconnection and disorder. We can consider for instance the shooting of Madame de Reˆnal and the punishment that ensues, about which D. A. ’’27 The various plot elements that lead up to the shooting can each be made to make sense, but resist an encompassing narrative. The marquis reacting to Madame de Reˆnal’s letter, for instance, can read as the moral father outraged at Julien’s conduct, or, alternatively, as the hypocritical aristocrat pleased at the excuse to banish the peasant.

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