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Thejrequent enqUiries as to the date we would moue into action showed how eagerfor action the men were. Joe Catron had been given the task of organising the packing of stores and equipment for the embarkation. Among the non-essential items that should have been left behind in Egypt were the band instruments, but Catron overlooked -39- COBBERS IN KHAKI them. But whilst at Mudros, he found the instruments and handed them over to Sergeant Dickie Treherne, a music teacher from Ballarat, who was in charge of the Band.

D Company (old C and F Companies). OC-Captain Trickey; 2/ IC - Captain Eberling, CSM-Leggo; CQMS-Peter. In JanualY, Colonel Bolton, who already had two son serving in the battalion [2/ Lt Jack Bolton & Private Hunter Bolton; the latter being commissioned in the 8th Battalion in May 1915], received news that Garfield, his other son, wa sailing to England to enlist. we are having a good deal of hard training in EgyPt, and it is thought we may see service on the canal against the Turks before the battalion goes to Europe.

Captain Dobbie soon made satisfactolY arrangements with a French firm in Cairo for the supply of food for the Officers ' Mess. The supplementary rations such as jam and condiments for the OR's were provided by an additional allowance of six pence a day p r man. The QM then purchased these rations from the Greek owned Contract Canteen. By the end of the first week at Mena, Captain Dobbie was so dissatisfied with the quality of the goods provided by the contractors that he went to the CO. " The two officers then agreed that tl1e most satisfactory solution was to stop dealing with the contractor and to use the same suppliers that serviced the Officers ' Mess.

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