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By Jean Houston

Observe your personal awesome presents and stay on a daily basis with ardour you can now discover and extend your personal distinctive percentages on all 4 degrees of your being--the actual, mental, symbolic, and spiritual--using the sensible and inventive instruments during this striking advisor. In her such a lot deeply remodeling publication to this point, Houston leads you on a profound trip of self-discovery and indicates how one can courageously decide to experiencing your actual strength.

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The way we choose to frame reality with our inward eyes sets in play a whole range of creative and emotional forces. “I see what you are saying,” we tell our friend, mixing metaphors to persuade her of our sympathy. ” How we process the information of both physical and inner seeing—how we frame it, shape it, reimagine it—often determines how our life will proceed. ” I know a brother-and-sister pair of fraternal twins who see the world quite differently. They may look at the same event, but while he tends to see only things that are wrong and headed for disaster, she sees wonder and beauty and how everything may work out to great benefit.

It motivates us to stir the pot of experience and add new and exotic ingredients. A savorer is a creator, an artist at the feast of life’s table. Pity poor fools who limit themselves to a mass-produced, white-bread existence. The elegant French writer Marcel Proust was inspired to write Remembrance of Things Past by nibbling on a madeleine cookie. One taste of this childhood favorite brought on a torrent of memories, which culminated in a masterpiece. For us, too, foods are memory bound. The many tastes of our lives have stories attached, along with emotions.

She began by visualizing an art exhibit she had seen in Copenhagen in which the human body was made to look grotesque. This reminded her of scientific studies she had read that reduced the human condition to graphs and statistics. Then she pictured her audience of scientists and saw them as shut down to art and music, eyes veiled, ears stopped up. Suddenly she was filled with the swelling sounds of Beethoven and found herself gazing up at the glorious figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

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