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A Mathematical Jamboree follows the very winning puzzle books through an analogous writer. It comprises 114 puzzles and actions to problem humans of every age. there's a targeted remark on the finish of the booklet, giving suggestions and factors, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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On the way you will find that the figure contains three isosceles triangles - so what is there left to find? Well the challenge is to find the size of angle CDE. Use whatever mathematical knowledge you have at your disposal, but only give yourself top marks if you solve it using Euclidean geometry. 94 Jigsaw conjectures Mary Multipiece enjoyed making jigsaws, so she was delighted to find a new jigsaw among her many Christmas presents. It had 736 pieces and would make up into a rectangular picture 24 inches long by 17 inches high.

The broom handle harmonograph The basis of this harmonograph consists of two broom handles suitably pivoted, and weighted, to form pendulums as shown in the diagram. It was originally made for the author in this way by a group of 12-year-old boys who operated it very successfully. However, it would probably be even more effective if the broom handles were replaced by wooden dowelling with much smaller cross-section, as obtainable in most DIY stores. The two pendulums swing at right angles to one another.

The President's advisors were no fools, and knew their future depended on finding a successful outcome for his fantasy. First they found that by the right selection of three values for their coins they could achieve any total from lFk to 15Fk. They then showed that with four different values they would be able to achieve all possible totals from lFk to 24Fk. Which values were needed to satisfy these conditions? If you had to advise the President - and your life depended on it - what value coins would you choose to produce to optimise the possible totals if you were allowed five different values?

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