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Regional mass depositions of polydisperse particles can be obtained by partitioning the polydisperse mass distribution (particle mass as a function of the geometric particle diameter) into monodisperse fractions, calculating regional depositions for each fraction and adding up these values for each region. 2 mg to the mass deposited in this region. If the total mass inspired is 5 mg, the contribution of 1-µm particles to alveolar deposition is 4%. This procedure has to be performed for all monodisperse fractions and all regions.

The Draeger or Hirth apparatus (22) and also a nebulizer called Apneu (23) became popular. Bulb nebulizers, where the patient operated the device by pressing a rubber bulb connected to the nebulizer to generate the gas flow, became popular (23). These nebulizers generated an aerosol with a wide droplet-size distribution and a large fraction of nonrespirable droplets. In the 1930s, glass-bulb nebulizers such as the DeVilbiss No. 40 and equivalent (Fig. 6) and the Vaponephrine nebulizers (Fig. 7) were popular.

There are some concerns with regard to this interpretation, as in one of the dog experiments, one of the dogs tested was very much more sensitive than the others. In addition, we now know that in patients with severe asthma, the actual deposition of drug within the respiratory tract may vary greatly between patients. The effect of these factors and the use of isoprenaline, a nonselective beta2 agonist, in patients during acute attacks of asthma (when they are likely to be hypoxic) can only be guessed.

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