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By Jennifer Woodlief

At the afternoon of July 26, 2003, six touring mountain climbers ascended the height of the Grand Teton in Jackson gap, Wyoming. Rain and colliding air currents blew in, and shortly an immense electric cost started to construct. because the crew started to retreat from its situation, a giant lightning bolt struck and pounded throughout the physique of each climber. one of many six died immediately, one lay severely injured subsequent to her physique, and 4 dangled perilously into the chasm lower than. In riveting, page-turning prose, veteran journalist Jennifer Woodlief tells the tale of the climb, the arriving of the hurricane, and the remarkable rescue via the Jenny Lake Rangers, essentially the most skilled mountaineering search-and-rescue groups within the state.

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Passing over t]he Oedipodea, which [they say was composed] by Cinaethon the [Lacedaemonian] in 6,600 verses, we will put down the Thebaid [ . . " How did they soon make it known, i f Oedipus had four children by Epicaste? No, they had been born from Euryganea, the daughter of Hyperphas. 39 THEBAN CYCLE δηλοΐ δε και 6 τά επη ποιήσας ά Οΐδπτόδια ονομάζονσι. Cf. Pherec. fr. 95 Fowler; Apollod. Bibl. 8; schol. Eur. Phoen. 13, 1760. 2 * Asclepiades FGrHist 12 F 7a "εστι δίνουν έπι γης και τετράπον, ού μία φωνή, και τρίπον, άλλάσσει δε φνην μόνον, δσσ έπι γαΐαν ερπετά κινείται και άν' αιθέρα και κατά πόντον.

54. The other three in the canon are Homer, Hesiod, and Antimachus. The absence of Eumelus, Arctinus, and the other Cyclic poets is noteworthy. , inverts the relationship, saying that it was really by Creophylus but became known as Homer's. See Walter Burkert, Kleine Schriften I: Homerica (Got•ingen, 2001), 141-143; Filippo Cassola, Inni omerici (Milan, 2 5 2 6 2 7 1975), xxxvii. 224; [Hesiod] fr. 28-33. 21 INTRODUCTION location was disputed in antiquity, some placing it in Thessaly (as in the Iliad), some in Euboea (as in Sophocles' Trachiniae), and others in the Péloponnèse (Arcadia or Messene).

Carl Robert, "De Gratiis Atticis," in Commentationes philologae in honorera Th. Mommseni scripserunt amid (Berlin, 1877), 145-146; Felix Jacoby, commentary on FGrHist 331 ( I I I B Supplement, 609). 4 2 4 3 32 INTRODUCTION Anonymous Poems The "Naupactus epic" (Naupaktia or Naupaktika), although regularly cited by its title alone, or with the phrase "the author of the Naupaktika," is not wholly anonymous, as Pausanias tells us that Charon of Lampsacus, an author of about 400 B C , ascribed i t to a Naupactian named Carcinus, whereas most people credited it to a Milesian.

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