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By Stanley D Brunn

@text: during this e-book, a global workforce of political geographers and political scientists study the impression of eleven September 2001 on international rules and diplomacy. The authors draw from a number of diversified views to debate Amer

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Ltd relationship, as the New Right combination of liberalism and conservatism has demonstrated over the last twenty years. We should not assume that consistency is necessary in ideology and there are indeed some (‘horses for courses’) advantages in having different ideologies for different contexts or purposes. Thus while neoliberalism may be less dominant than in the past, globalisation may actually be strengthened rather than weakened. Neo-conservatism provides additional legitimations, and may counter some of the de-stabilising effects of laissez faire which Gray highlights: the threat and actuality of war more obviously supplements civil power in the market.

The liberal bias of postinternational thinking predicts, among other things, the growing autonomy of individuals; the declining role of state boundaries; the growing importance of secularism, science, and rationality; and the neoliberal free movement of persons, ideas, and things. ’ At a minimum, individuals are transforming global politics into a participant sport. Whether as demonstrators in Leipzig and Jakarta, terrorists in Kandahar or Jerusalem, investors in New York and London, or purchasers of goods in any city, individuals are imposing their preferences on leaders, often in unorthodox and even violent ways.

Unlike Islamic fanatics, we face growing uncertainty as to where our allegiances should and will lie. When the opportunities arise, will we resurrect or refurbish old identities and loyalties, or establish new ones? Our conceptions of ourselves and others will continually change, and the task for us political scientists is to explain what the range of choices are, which are likely to prevail and, again as always, why? Copyright © 2004 Frank Cass & Co. Ltd This all suggests that global terrorism is not a technical question that is amenable to a technical fix.

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