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By Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice

The protective again drills in a hundred and one shielding again Drills (Second variation) are acceptable and potent in any respect completive degrees. The drills during this ebook were amassed, field-tested, and utilized via a trainer with greater than 4 a long time of collegiate soccer adventure. correctly designed drills may have a rare worth, permitting coaches to raised improve the abilities in their avid gamers. the kinds of drills featured comprise warm-up, quickness, pace & agility, circulate, response, assurance, tackling, and fumble restoration.

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Equipment Needed: None. Description: The drill involves three defensive backs at a time who line up on a yard line to the left of a hash mark. On command from the coach, the players sprint forward 20 yards, then shuffle to their right to the other hash mark, then backpedal back to the original starting line, and then shuffle left back to their original starting point. " Both commands should be quickly followed by the order to "Get on your feet and movewhich is a signal for the players to resume their "around-the-world" route at top speed.

Page 39 Drill #28: Crossing the Line Objective: To improve agility, hip flexibility, and foot quickness. Equipment Needed: None. Description: The coach has the players form a single line, with the first player's toes on a yard line. On the coach's command, the first player starts to move laterally down the line by stepping diagonally forward in front of the line with his lead leg, then diagonally backward (cross-step) in back of the line with his trail leg. As soon as the first player moves five yards down the line, the next player should start the drill, and so on.

Equipment Needed: A football. Description: The coach faces one player at a time, who is positioned 12 yards away. " When the player is in a good defensive stance, the coach commands, "Go" (or by slapping the football). The player reacts by moving directly backwards, while keeping his eyes on the coach and the football. " The player reacts immediately by turning and sprinting in the same direction as he has been moving (simulating catching up with an offensive receiver who is about to overtake him).

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