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By Arthur Mailey

Arthur Mailey's vintage autobiography, first released in 1958, is a wry and fascinating account via a skilled cricketer from a really assorted era—full of zest, diverse, speedy, moving the purpose of assault, occasionally extravagant, usually really good and regularly considerate. For 50 years, Arthur Mailey performed and watched top quality cricket. in the course of his attempt occupation he performed opposed to a number of the greats, and on one awesome get together brushed aside his idol, Victor Trumper, to his fast remorse: "I felt like a boy who had killed a dove." this can be a reminder of the honour days of cricket—amateurs and execs, Bradman, Noble, and Trumper batting, and Barnes, O'Reilly, and Fleetwood-Smith with the ball.

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Yes, I was in. I cannot be sure whether I reassembled the water meter. After all, it was thirty-six years ago. Perhaps the poor old lady in the cottage hasn’t had any water since. But I do remember what happened in the tram-car on the way home. All the men on the tram were greedily devouring their papers. I felt I must talk to somebody to convince myself that 31 10 for 66 and All That 21/7/08 5:22 PM Page 32 10 for 66 and All That it wasn’t all a dream. Opposite me a big burly chap was reading a racing guide.

I remember one occasion when she wasn’t so happy though. Out in the middle I was having a pretty rough time at the hands of Jack Hobbs, Patsy Hendren and Frank Woolley, and the crowd became hostile. ’ every time I attempted to bowl. However, I eventually picked up a couple of wickets, I 33 10 for 66 and All That 21/7/08 5:22 PM Page 34 10 for 66 and All That changed quickly into mufti in the interval and joined my mother whose eyes, I noticed, were still moist. ’ ‘Blimey, lady,’ he said, ‘it was only a joke.

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